Pictures from Larry & JoAnna's trip to the Grand Canyon September 2003


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Here's JoAnna hiking down the Bright Angel Trail. We talked to a couple who had just hiked out the previous day after spending the night at the bottom. It took them 13 hours to reach the top. We hiked about half a mile!

If you look really closely, you'll see that's JoAnna at the tunnel entrance.

Here is Larry on the trail.

And JoAnna. Just over her head are petroglyphs several thousand years old.



Here's JoAnna getting her 1st real look into the canyon.

Unfortunately 3 major forest fires on the North rim had smoke pouring into the canyon, obscuring most of the view.

Here's JoAnna, with the main fire in the background. It was so big that from 35 miles away we could see it at night.

Larry at one of the many lookout points.


Here's the smoke from the fire, late in the day.

and what the canyon looked like as a result.


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