Pictures from Hawaii of Larry & JoAnna



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Here's Larry and JoAnna on Kauai in 1997.

And here they are on Maui in '98 at their favorite little restaurant, the Hula Grill.

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l&jleis1.jpg (8826 bytes) Here they are on Larry's birthday in '97 with leis made by a friend who's Hawaiian.

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Larry takes off every Thursday, and serves as a volunteer Tour Guide aboard the USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor. He is the only volunteer to ever make Chief Petty Officer at the memorial.

And here's JoAnna on Maui with a slightly smaller boat. Actually this one's just ger size!!

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Honda Larry Water072.jpg (16418 bytes)

Here is Larry and the family car out by Koko Head.

Larry is the President of his Toastmasters club, the only Toastmasters club in the world that meets on a Battleship. The picture was taken in the Battleship's ward room.

He is also the reigning state champion in 3 of the 4 categories that Toastmasters competes in annually.

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497LarryatXmas.jpg (25382 bytes)

Here he is on Christmas day, 2000. Note the Hawaiian version of cold weather attire.
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