Pictures from Hawaii of Larry & JoAnna



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Here's JoAnna receiving the award for "Volunteer of the Year" from the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

And here's Larry and JoAnna at another Christmas party, this one in 1999.

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JoAnnas Kids 0500.jpg (23501 bytes) Here is JoAnna and her family. From the left is Dan, JoAnna, Cavan, Frank, Jennifer, and Patrick.

Larry and JoAnna in a garden on Kauai in 1997. This was JoAnna's 1st trip to Kauai.

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Here's sweet JoAnna, showing her colors on Halloween at one of her company's offices.

And here's JoAnna and Larry with Miss America 2000, Nicole Johnson, and yes, according to Larry she's as beautiful and charming as she is tall!

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A typical sunset picture taken from our lanai at Yach Harbor Towers.
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