More pictures from our trip to the Morinda Convention 2000 in Orlando Florida - June 2000


From the Convention - June 28-July 01 2000


Here's Andrea Rios, from Guadalajara, receiving recognition as one of our Triple Diamond Pearls, with Morinda's 5 founders, Kerry Asay, Kim Asay, Stephen Story. Kelly Olsen, and John Wadsworth.

And here she is getting a hug from Kelly.


Andrea & Ed

Here you see Andrea next to Ed, with Jose Miguel just behind her, along with all of the other Triple Diamond Pearls.

Here with the five founders are Ed & Irma, and Jose Miguel over on the right.

Ed Jose Miguel

The Party on the Last Evening

and Here's Andrea, Ed, and Larry with Kelly Olsen at the big celebration party on the last night.


Ed Larry Andrea

Also taken at the party.

And here are Debby and JoAnna, all dressed to party.

Debby & JoAnna

Debby & Steve

And, of course, our distinguished looking uplines, Steve and Debby.
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